Natural fragrances

Muller & Koster has created a new list of Natural Fragrances.

 The list includes 110 mixtures of 100% natural essential oils with the indication of: 



Price by quantity range

Olfactory family

INCI names of the main essential oils that compose it

Therapeutic properties

Designated use

Food Grade

The new fragrances are addressed to all customers who desire an exclusive and 100% green product and of course to regular buyers of essential oils and oil blends and to users of natural fragrances for cosmetic use, make-up, food supplements, oral hygiene and personal hygiene.

The competitive advantages of these fragrances are many:

  • We are the first in Italy to present a list of 100% natural fragrances     
  • All fragrances are COSMOS NATURAL certified     
  • The labels of the finished product may not have the indication parfum/fragrance but only the description of the INCI NAMES     
  • The finished product can be defined Fragrance Free     
  • The blends combine active substance and fragrances in a single product     
  • The percentages of use can be significantly lower than the traditional fragrance
  • Most fragrances are for food use and can therefore be used in products that come into contact with the mucous membranes and are swallowed

The list will be valid for one year, unlike the list of essential oils and will be integrated every six months with new natural fragrances.

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Natural Fragrances
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