Muller & Koster creates fragrances that accompany the costumer every day, from more sophisticated fragrances for eau de toilette and cosmetics, to soaps, detergents and other domestic cleaning products. For the cosmetic and personal cleansing industry we create fresh, modern, fruity, green, floral, musk, flowering citrus, oriental and amber notes.

Each fragrance complies with the most recent European cosmetic directives and is equipped with accurate technical and safety data sheets according to the law. For the domestic cleaning sector, we produce notes that evoke the feeling of fresh and clean.

Delicate, floral, aromatic and spicy, citrus, fruity, aldehyde notes. Every customer's need for a test is supported by the research laboratory, from market analysis and preliminary trends to tests on the finished product to assess the persistence of the fragrance over time.

Our catalog contains more than thirty thousand different fragrances and the Liscate and Grasse laboratory is always looking for new scented molecules, new daring combinations to respond to the perfumed dreams of its customers.


- Muller & Koster creates fragrances that capture the dreams and desires of our customers.
We are constantly looking for new methods to capture the essence of nature and transform it into stimulating olfactory experiences.

Domestic cleaning

- Muller & Koster creates fragrances to soften the fatigue of customers in their daily domestic cleaning activities.
Whether it is keeping a clean environment, masking the smells or cleaning the laudry, our fragrances add pleasure to the daily fatigue.



- Muller & Koster researches new fragrances for every type of use, deodorants, hair care, skin care.
Our experience of the market and consumers allows us to create successful and unique fragrances that conquer the public.



- The natural fragrances and blends of Muller & Koster can be used for a wide range of applications: candles, potpourri and incense to create a deliciously scented atmosphere in consumers' homes.


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